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The expat wedding planning experience ~ where not only the destination, but the whole journey matters.

Are you a fellow expat, looking for guidance and support through your wedding planning journey?

Well, I got good news my friend: you can finally lay back and relax as you’ve come to the right place.

Do you worry about having to do this, without your friends and family close by? Maybe you haven’t quite mastered the local language just yet, or the thought of the administration and paperwork scares you? You’re probably trying to figure out how to honour your cultural traditions and accommodate your friends and family in a foreign country – when they may not even speak a common language. If you’re freaking out about something going wrong – it’s perfectly normal.

Here at Vow Your Way, it’s all about supporting expats through the unique administrative, logistical, and emotional challenges of wedding planning, so you can make the most of your one and only engagement period – and top it off with an epic wedding celebration!

My mission is to become your supporting rock, sounding board and number one cheerleader, so you never have to feel alone in the process. I help you create your wedding celebration with sensitivity, empathy and honesty, while guiding you through the unique challenges of expat wedding planning.

Are you ready for an epic journey?


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